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The Deep Cut U2 approached the glowing yellow door marked with the crisper cutting icon and rolled through the puff of light into a sparsely furnished lobby. It was a typical knife joint. Thankfully no one was there. A section … Continue reading

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Made out of awesome

I finished Wake, the first in Robert J. Sawyer‘s trilogy called WWW last night … well actually early this morning. I didn’t get to bed until late: it was Em’s prom night and she and her friends had the party … Continue reading

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We the Underpeople

I have many favourite science fiction stories: The Stars my Destination by Alfred Bester Stand on Zanzibar, The Sheep Look Up, The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner Stranger in a Strange Land and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by … Continue reading

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The Man from Earth

Jerome Bixby’s The Man from Earth (directed by Richard Schenkman, 2007) has no space ships, futuristic sets or anything to visually imply the abnormal but it is excellent speculative or science (if you prefer) fiction none-the-less. If you compare this … Continue reading

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Oryx and Crake

I listened to the unabridged audio version of this speculative novel by Margaret Atwood. She has amazingly crafted such intimacy with her characters. I refer especially to the most interesting hero of the book. Of course, the hero is neither … Continue reading

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