Low slung ride, no windshield

Hue Hound is chewing
on a Texan bone speeding
down I-8. Drooling.


Ascending the Literary Rainbow

When young I was unlicenced
with time I did gain three driver’s licences
but those are hardly worth citing and too civil
then came the Licence to Kiss from my girlfriend
but even that one paled,
except in the romantic sense,
when I earned my Poetic Licence
with which I can do magical things
like write this
or this
but I surpassed those laurels,
moved on from specialties to the general,
and now I have my Fictional Licence
which many scoff at as imaginary,
that has some truth in it as
imagination is the wellspring… well as you’re actually
reading this I think you get that picture,
but the point is that now I can write anything.