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The Deep Cut U2 approached the glowing yellow door marked with the crisper cutting icon and rolled through the puff of light into a sparsely furnished lobby. It was a typical knife joint. Thankfully no one was there. A section … Continue reading

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I just finished reading Douglas Smith’s second collection of short stories, called Chimerascope (Chizine Publications). These stories are primarily science fiction but there is fantasy and horror too. I enjoyed Smith’s characterization the most. These personas fly off the page … Continue reading

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Benjamin Button

The F. Scott Fitzgerald short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has apparently little to do with the Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett movie of the same name. I’ve only seen the film (Eric Roth wrote the screenplay with … Continue reading

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Ara and 4207 – Chapter 1 – Walking on Air

one of those days where the sky was so blue and the clouds on the horizon so fluffy and tall that you wanted to be on top of them Continue reading

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The Serpent Tunnel

Man was walking his golden retriever. Dog smelled and categorized all scent messages as they went. Walking. Air Cool. Sudden tunnel erupted from the grass before them, looped up and down again swallowing them. Dog and man detected no motion … Continue reading

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The Oak Door

Consider this story. Perhaps it may enlighten you. You might be more open to the realm of the possible. Then it won’t matter if you think it true or not. One hard lesson I’ve learned during my life is that … Continue reading

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