Global Detachment

a poem by K. A. Grignon

People, places, things
Fundamental strings
Ties that bind
Heart and mind

Militant isolation
In every nation

Who could allow
Us to bow
What was then
Is not now

The standstill
From window sill
Physical distancing
Loss of touch, sting

Time for that
As we are sat
Home, alone
To condone

Global call
One and all
The withdrawal
So to stall

Virus spread
Many dead
Drowning chest
Laid to rest

Lines are drawn
Like a pawn
Grasps to fight
Do what’s right

Essential few
Continue to
Fight the fight
All their might

Humble times
Social climbs
Clearly fall
One and all

Letting go
Without woe
Who we are
Now we know.

April 6th 2020

Looking Out A Window (Unsplash)