In the grove of the Eucalyptus gomphocephala

Kendra Koala
attended Slim’s Jazz Gala
liked set Gwizdala.



Farr up lake merry
I came in ferry wherry
beached in my terry.

The Habs started in Haileybury

I have a thing about Haileybury, Ontario. It’s a special place for me since, as a boy, we’d go for summer vacation there, where my Dad was born and grew up. Lots of cousins and other relatives. The sparkling blue and really cold waters of Lake Temiskaming. The rolling shield rock and pockets of arable land in a claybelt around Liskeard and Dymond. The Cobalt bookstore.
So what on earth does Haileybury have to do with the Habs?

Haileybury was a big city around the turn of the twentieth century. It was the bedroom community during Cobalt’s silver rush. There were streetcars, a Millionaire’s Row, beautiful buildings and more until the Great Fire of 1922.

It also had a hockey club called the Haileybury Comets in the NHA, a predecessor to the NHL. When that club was bought and transferred to Montreal in 1909 the new owner, George Kennedy, was in a lawsuit about who had the rights to the name ‘Canadiens’. He won and so joined together three teams: the Haileybury Comets, Club athlétique Canadien and Les Canadiens. Logos for the team went from just a C to CAC to CHC.

Here’s my theory. I think the HC comes from the Haileybury Comets. They ‘say’ the H in CHC stands for Hockey for “Club de hockey Canadien” after “Club athlétique Canadien” but I don’t buy it. I think that, later, the owners didn’t want to alienate their fiercely proud Montreal fan base by including any reference to Ontario: so I think it really meant Canadiens/Haileybury Comets.

old logo
Logo Canadiens de Montréal 1909-1910

new logo
Montreal Canadiens