Confronting the abyss

Shall we gather at
the feet of Jordan who points
out the good in bad?


How to Learn

If you learn to love studious
then time will not pass tedious.
Your lore will grow compendious
and instinct from the dubious
will avoid work invidious
and make your voice melodious.
But don’t stop from laborious
effort or friends hilarious
nor events so injurious
as to rain down tears bounteous
for such is life salubrious.
Forge on, on through extraneous
and your reward is glorious.
Bouts of Beauty harmonious!


The Lecturer concentrates
and with luck
into a restrictive schedule.

Along the way their excitement may show.

And I
can rate it as per

-test preparedness
-career placement
-waste of time
-how the lecture hall expands to the infinite as I float above, pen forgotten…

It’s all worthwhile
for those few
that meet that last point.