The omega.
The culmination of
a long, creative challenge
doesn’t mean
an anticlimax.


How about a satisfying
A well earned rest?

No more sad haiku
to clip, to stunt with cutting,
meanings long curtailed.

The silliness is
to end with
no bangs
as I’m cut short
no whimpers
as I’ve been squeezed silent
no accolades
as it needed none

but a celebration
as I was blessed with
thirty years of non-solitude
with a woman I love
who likes poetry
not prose
and music
not pop
and cares for me
and the family
more than she can say
and that’s no short essay.

So here’s to the triumph.
Pass me another. Anything.

It is accomplished.

Celebrating Odd Day

Today is the 5th month, 7th day, and 9th year of the 21st century: it’s the third odd day of only six this century. I’m celebrating by wearing oddly matched socks (I also honour one of my favourite profs at Univ. of Waterloo, Greg Michalenko, who only wore matched socks when he was upset, like when the Conservatives won an election). Thanks to Ron Gordon (see the link above) too for pointing Odd Day out for all of us!
Of course this is only odd if you use the month-day-year date system. If you use the SI date standard today is 9-5-7. So there is another opportunity this year (if you like things odd and I certainly do) on the 5th of July this year when it’s 9-7-5!