Exciting Times

The President says this
is the most exciting time
to live
while Shakespeare’s bardy bones
turn 400
to be or not to be
that is the question of me wondering
if he’s right
Is this the exciting part?
Am I missing it?

Could be
I’m not biding
my own time

Could be
I need more
self help

Self medication

I heard the news today
oh boy

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In need of a tour

man I’d love to wined
my way through the Escarpment
now. Please make it so

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Maybe the poet is

Oh you don’t like that?
So sorry. I thought the Job
was to discomfort.

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The clock radio
was ruder than usual this morning

that’s saying something

it was some
pop song with
some guy
singing to
some gal

what could be more normal?

But the words
that came along for that uni-directional ride were

about how he might not be her knight
or go see her mother
or bring her flowers
he was willing to be the one that night

ain’t that sweet
and so big of him

The sheer lack of
for her willingness for—
for his own ability to sustain—

a caring and real connection

will instead
lead, possibly, to
perfect sex
that lasts
all of a perfect half hour hook up

but what then?

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Free lunch, anyone?

No matter which
of the many ways you may
see the world about
totally terribly tautologically sad,
hysterical. That
is only a limited perception and
not a
generally held view from
any other
someone’s life. It’s merely
a glimpse into the tesseract
fleetingly full of experiences
revolving the world over and
even if
everyone agrees on one thing
like the fact that there’s
no free lunch… well
coming out and saying that is
hardly more than a tiny
concept thought bubble in a sky
ever moving, ever
painting brief shadows on
the ground we
walk on. But does
it mean
that nothing is real? Objective? Or that being
human is only an abstract experience in relativism?
Just so
everyone is crystal on this
so called poem so called
unless I’m called out on this. I don’t
see things that way. Not at all.

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More than along for the ride

Our bodies abound
in out and on
with one point three
microbe critters
for every one of our cells.

That race is close
and every time
we go
number two
we break ahead
until our friends catch up.

Gross, disgusting and nasty
they may be
to certain sensibility
but so necessary
as we came to be
with them and of a prokaryotic sea.

We need them
for our health
and nutrition

and must be wary
of the use of any
antibiotic anything
as it kills
lots of us
even some of us protecting
us from disease.

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The Missions

Annie Lennox said not
to mess with the
Missionary Man
and I can see why

have extraordinary love
that propel them
into the unknown

I can’t imagine
thrusting in a new culture
at the speed of
my Savior’s message

Me, I couldn’t do it
but I’ve heard
those who have, talk
and they’re astonishing

So while I couldn’t cope
with the demands
of such zeal
and commitment

I’m glad to say
they’re part of the great
makeup for that time
they’re needed and welcome.

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