Getting Old

aches pains shed nothing
real–details too disgusting–
better to ignore

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Bill Not the Logic Guy

Bill! Bill!
Bill! Bill!

C’mon Bill. You and Philosophy in an unholy alliance?
No! Were you recently blinded by science?

Stick with the facts and the methodological
’cause you’re nowhere near the wellspring logical.
Don’t go pathological!

Would anyone want to listen to a Philosopher
talk about science? Few want to suffer.

So Bill, please
I’m begging you on my knees
go back to your engineering and your stand up game.
Leave philosophy to those with a Ph.D. in more than name.
Don’t give advice if you don’t have the expertise
so you’re not wrong with all your null hypotheses.

Bill! Bill!
Bill! Bill!

Go back to what you do best, Mr. Nye
You’re not the Logic Guy.

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Sure as whatever

rising, that sure fate,
will flood our land lives

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on the Stroke of Bad fortune

loneliness in those bright eyes
cuts me to the heart
little, shining examples that all
is not lost
with that person trapped in an
betrayer body

all those memories, hopes, dreams
            more abandoned now
trapped, sad,
from notice by any but
            with love
            with patience
                  who want to decode and delimit
that complex communication divide

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Climate Deniers

I – The Problem

It’s simple really,
they just don’t want any change.
Leave it to the kids.

II – The Cost

But life will worsen
when lived conveniently.
Sloth is its own cost.

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Small is beautiful, 22.5 cubic feet ain’t

You want to see more and store the big boxes and all those leftovers
until finding yogurt is like scaling an enamel and glass ridge
and your mustard can’t be located after extensive flyovers
’cause we didn’t stay sane and controlled with our small and convenient fridge

don’t be a greed magnetized magnate
no need for more magnet real estate!

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Time savours all things

Love is chocolate,
delightful all at once, true,
but better savoured.

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