Portugal Trip Day 23 (Monday, Oct. 8)

Some weather I’ll feign

My trip I’ll explain:
Portugal dry to a pain,
the Azores gave rain.

This would be our last day in Portugal and so we packed everything up and walked down castle hill. One of the really nice things I remember about that is that in the midst of all that cobblestone they have a flat runway on which you can run your wheeled luggage nearly all the way down to the square.
A nice cross-dressing person showed us a parking lot locker where we could stuff our luggage.
So unencumbered we could shop, mail our post cards, go back (almost) to where we started our trip in the Praça Rossio and share a bench with a very nice Portuguese lady. She helped us eat the last of the food that we couldn’t bring on the flight.
Of course some rain must fall. We needed to call the emergency number on the locker to get some of our luggage out but that obstacle was a small one and we caught the subway to the airport with all our belongings. Actually the strange thing about my rain comment was that it didn’t rain on any of the days we were in Portugal but did, every day, we were in the Azores. Huh.
And the guitalele was no problem to get on board the TAP flight: now that’s an air line that doesn’t annoy their passengers.
Getting home meant getting back to our old lives but isn’t it often the case, as with many vacations, that you’re refreshed and eager to get back to it? Nope. Not this time. We miss Portugal!

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