Portugal Trip Day 21 (Saturday, Oct. 6)

The Life and Death of a Flea at the Feira da Ladra

Fred Flea sought bajra,
was stuck in muck on Seurat
fake. Ant cries rah-rah!

We had a nice slow morning: I wrote and Karen played her guitar. Around noon we ventured out into the heat downhill toward the Feira da Ladra or Mercado de Santa Clara (Campo de Santa Clara). Along the way we bumped into and, of course, entered the Church of São Vicente de Fora (Largo de São Vicente) in which I was told I wasn’t allowed to take any more pictures. Too bad since the use of clear glass for windows instead of stained for a brighter interior. It was one of the most beautiful churches I’d seen thus far.
We continued on to the market and got some stuff for the kids. The Feria or Flea Market is a bustling place on a Saturday where you can buy almost anything. Cork wallets to beautiful artwork to cheesy artwork to porn to azulejo tiles to old tools to used teflon frying pans! Oh so tempting.
The Panteao Nacional (Campo de Santa Clara) is a tall landmark locals like to use. It was right next to the market so we went for a look-see. It was a little pricey and since I didn’t consider it a real church and Karen was somewhat indifferent we gave it a pass and walked back to our love nest in the castle walls.
It shouldn’t be surprising when a quiet day, one with less highlights to tick off some crazy list, is one that I recall fondly. After all that occurs, if there’s no re-creation time then when can there be creation time? And make a difference?

Vinho (Vinho Branco,Península de Setúbal): Moscatel – Contra Forte
Queijo (ovelha) Serra da Estrela: Vale da Estrela

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