Portugal Trip Day 18 (Wednesday, Oct. 3)

The Moontaneers

Cows up on the slope
never show their gear, their rope.
How are they so dope?

A sunny morning dawned for us as a change but…no. Pause for effect. Then torrential rain descended. I’m reminded of an old saying from Nova Scotia: ‘If you don’t like the weather wait a minute’.
It was a good thing. We’d had an intense schedule on a lot of our vacation so far so the rain was a blessing in a wet disguise. We could enjoy time with each other and relax. Karen played guitar, I wrote, did some tai chi on the garage and we both caught up with our homework: reviews for the various Air B&B’s we’d stayed at in Portugal.
It cleared up in the afternoon and we drove west out of the crater for the first time. At a parking lot at the top we stopped for the view. There’s a trail there that you can take going around the rim. We didn’t do that as it would take several hours but it looked interesting. Instead we carried on to the hot spring at Ponta da Ferraria. This is a U-shaped cove in the Atlantic sheltered by black, sharp volcanic rock.
Several ropes are tied across the cove to hang onto as big waves of cold water came in to mix with the hot water coursing up at the head. Floating on the water was an unappealing light brown scum but there was a lineup behind me at the swimming pool style ladder so I didn’t turn back. Onward. In fact the ‘scum’ was actually a variety of flotsam comprised most surprisingly of floating pumice rock and some vegetative matter.
Floating rocks! That’s not something I saw every day.
This was a truly idyllic and wonderful place to relax.
Indoor hot water but outdoors.
A hot spring but underwater.
There is a spa there but the core is absolutely free unlike the Caldeira Velha which charges admission.
Looking back on this part of our Azores adventure both Karen and I wish we’d spent more time at Ferraria.

Vinho (Vinho Verde,Vinho Verde): Alvarinho – Via Latina 2017

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