The untold twenty-one syllabic schematic horror of the asteroid sunstar

We all know, that aside from accident, each sunstar is a triskaidecalimbar
and, as echinoderms go, the most evil of that goat-side gang damp demoniac
for if you start ‘I love you not’ whilst pulling arms you end, with a limbless avatar
in hand, with the same again. Shudder. Like all the worst pains super-sacroiliac.
It will slowly surround an arm or toe of every drowned scuba-diver off Qatar
and eat through neoprene until it sucks salted flesh like any necrophiliac.
No. Beware. Be cagey. Be a-marine. All so you can become the best superstar
in avoiding all sunstars, be they flying, walking or swimming, like a maniac.