The life of a Social Justice Warrior

Hyacinth Duck was of small size
but her consciousness was outsize
for matters politic uprise.
She’d show up garbed to heroize,
feathers painted bright to surprise,
and with quacking force she’d chastise
any meeting any apprise.
She decried the pond dam upsize
and then the same’s later downsize.
Screeched at those too far to rightwise,
sneered those not far enough leftwise.
And logic use she’d ghettoize
even those who tautologize.
Cynth’s wing wrote leafs propagandize
for any approach to advise.
The duck grew older but not wise
since her fear made hierarchize
and true education despise
or of soothing theologize
and no pro help psychologize.
She was out from mythologize.
And died with none to elegize.