How to Learn

If you learn to love studious
then time will not pass tedious.
Your lore will grow compendious
and instinct from the dubious
will avoid work invidious
and make your voice melodious.
But don’t stop from laborious
effort or friends hilarious
nor events so injurious
as to rain down tears bounteous
for such is life salubrious.
Forge on, on through extraneous
and your reward is glorious.
Bouts of Beauty harmonious!

A White Van full of Hate

Man rents a white van.
Drives sidewalk to kill woman.
How low was his plan?

When life was not sweet
he took his toll to the street
no care from his seat.

Against cop’s advice
he rolled his sad cowboy dice.
Driver coward eyes.

So ten die whereat
he thought he wore a white hat
but it was black matte.

The Monsters within Me


The nasty thoughts pop unbidden
 into my view.
And my civilized veneer shudders.
And I fight.

Decency demands I hold
 my jab to my colleague’s jaw.
Or that I hold my decibeled shout
 in the quiet conference room.
Or that I hold my tongue
 in check mode.

In new millieu or public places
 or on the job
the veneer is usually thick enough.

But at home, relaxed,
 it’s easy for cracks and holes
 to be worn through.
Tentacles thrust out
a fight breaks out
And so my demon can catch my saint
 as I move through billions of years
 of instinctive response.

Sometimes, though, the monsters
 provide new ideas
 to try:
or a fight response
 when I need it
they may not all be bad.

Still. Tremendous effort
 must be unleased to close
 those pandoramic boxes.
The worth of doing so
 is evident if you see what is lost
if you don’t.

But carving out my place
 in society
 is a bloody business
as I dance on a knife edge
 and keep the monsters
creative and alive and ready for savagery
 but tamed to appropriate

So I keep myself
but genial
but on the team
but merciful
but complex.