Miss Celia Leblanc lands in Rabaul

The traffic began and continued to be most unfairly foul
but park she finally did just as her stomach it went growl
No time! She hurried on board the aeroplane iconed with an owl
and such a long trip that she visited the pilot twice behind his cowl.
But the man at customs at the International Airport Express of Rabaul
he of the lifted nose, bored aire, sweaty brow and heavy jowl
did ask this question of our heroine Leblanc with a menacing scowl:
“Why did you come here? Are you the type that one of our laws you’ll come afoul?”
“I have come to study gamefowl, peafowl, wildfowl, moorfowl, and oh waterfowl!”
“There’s an answer that is decidedly, unreservedly, and indecently fowl
and yet no fault will I find in it no matter how I may skulk and prowl.”
So leave that port did she though arrested in so few seconds she did howl
twas for toilet paper stuck to her shoe for twis a crime to so befoul
that city. So in the tronk she did end where the wretched unhinged doth yowl.


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