Ask not for whom the Ant toils

Rescued ant from tiles
in a restroom, lost, afraid,
brought outside. Be. Lieve.


2 thoughts on “Ask not for whom the Ant toils”

  1. Are you sure you rescued the ant? Maybe it was there with its unseen brethren? They might have been looking for food. It might have been where it wanted to be. Maybe instead of rescuing it, you caused it to be lost? Just a thought.

  2. It was a wee, thin and fairly stumbling representative of any ants
    unlike any of my robust and hale, well met aunts
    there were some clumps of dirt on the floor
    perhaps it was transported by some worker (human not ant) come in through the door
    though if you have faith then we all are surrounded by unseen brethren
    or, if not, then by the invisible hand of Smith or by the worker ant collective of Lenin
    but we must consider the eyes, compound and simple, motion-al and ocelli
    if this discursive discussion is not to get silly. (Or too anti-entomology.)

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