The Meeting To-Do

The rain embarrassed my way to the tickety-boo
but no one pointed, no one jeered, it was all how-do-you-do?
I slunk and droplets of water dehydrated off me jackaroo
and I tried to aplomb myself thereto do a switcheroo.
It wasn’t cold, I didn’t chill, to a colour true-blue,
though it could have taken place peekaboo.
I set my dessert out and knew I was going to outdo
the rest of the offerings even if no one could mangetout
but no, wrong! Those who tried were few
and their fingers turned brown. Would they sue?
But know hitherto, that Lao-tzu could only misconstrue.
I slunk to the back which I thought well-to-do
but tu-whit tu-whoo I was dragged to the front view
and said my ‘Hi’ then to screw my toodle-oo
in true askew but, so easily, my skew was aperçu.


About tgrignon

I came I saw I rented the DVD
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