There’s An Elk in the yard eating greenery

Why all this contemporary foolery?
Who benefits from an anniversary
with chickens and fecal matter rubbery?
And come on–who did that musically beanery perfumery???
Seriously: you need help proctologistery.

Heck, really, the tomfoolery lasts from toast buttery
until far into a moonlit corroboree.
It can result in calls for the constabulary
who must be appeased by all means elocutionary.

Well, if we must analyze ourselves deconstructionistary,
in theory,
with all appeals to psychiatry
luminary and without flummery
or slippery frippery
we might note that laughter ending blubbery
or shuddery teary
and sometimes in the shrubbery
should have some cause, albeit fishy, and beneficiary.

For mercenary buffoonery,
drollery cajolery,
celebratory jokery,
unsavoury gesticulatory,
and obfuscatory charlatanry
must, must, MUST have some root explanatory.

Can you answer my weary query?

Oh dearie
you can’t, can you? As, canny humbuggery,
you must have used saran’s stretchy functionary
to cover up my toiletry
as part of your diversionary itinerary.

Oh such a sad cautionary
to be, yet again, such a dupery.

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