Julie sits on the
chalkboard black rock each day,
the one back from the old dock
behind the salty nets hanging
and by the rotted planks no one wants to fix,
and most days
catches a glimpse
through the many obstacles
of Gerry as he returns
from fishing.

She stares at him
fixing him in her sight and points his way
but he ignores her most days
since first
the year before
when he’d glimpsed her.

He remembered her.
He’d been gentle as he always was
and had never led her on.
So why did she haunt him?
Was that pointing finger
an accusing?

One day
brighter than some
found Gerry angry enough from a bad fishing day.
He stomped over.
Julie’s eyes showed some surprise
especially when one of his stalking feet
through one of the old dock boards.

But still
though he swore down at his caught foot
she pointed at him
saying nothing.
Quickly she lifted and scrambled away
back to him.

But Gerry didn’t see
when he finally looked back up.
She hadn’t been alone,
that the pointing was all for the benefit of
the little girl in her lap.


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