The Niece

I saw her
the other night
living the dream
with another speaking engagement.

In her own skin
she was comfortable
born to that mic
as a King
her southern tone slid velvet
through to us listening.
A senior
how she could bring us back
to the errors and crush of youth
both self-imposed
and obliged
by those you might trust.

How could you or I
get through to adulthood
with bombing, assassination,
death and all
encompassing fear?

She did
and served
for our rights
Even for those undefended
by our oh so modern


3 thoughts on “The Niece”

  1. Beautiful. Simply perfect. As a reader I wish I knew who you were writing about… though I’m sure it is about someone specific, it’s nice that you allow it to be interpreted by the reader to be any wise women who has passed and had inspiring strength.

  2. I was there that evening listening to Alveda tell us about her journey. The poem sums up her life and her presentation.

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