Oh Syria

A Doctor on a news program
near sobs
after the bombing
of an Aleppo hospital by
Russian propped

his best friend
a pediatrician
who only wanted to help children
into and
in his ruined country
is dead

so the conflict
where targeting of children
and expectant mothers
is deemed a necessary part of the war

So how many millions displaced?
And thousands killed
for something that can’t last

power isn’t something
you keep grasping
fearfully to yourself
that can only lead to being reviled
down history

the truly strong know
to be lasting
it has to be nurtured
by giving it away


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3 Responses to Oh Syria

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  2. johncoyote says:

    The world had gone mad. We live in a world where human life had little value. We must change this somehow. Every life had value.

  3. Alice Carey says:

    Nice. I love the placement of “effort.” Very effective.

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