Free lunch, anyone?

No matter which
of the many ways you may
see the world about
totally terribly tautologically sad,
hysterical. That
is only a limited perception and
not a
generally held view from
any other
someone’s life. It’s merely
a glimpse into the tesseract
fleetingly full of experiences
revolving the world over and
even if
everyone agrees on one thing
like the fact that there’s
no free lunch… well
coming out and saying that is
hardly more than a tiny
concept thought bubble in a sky
ever moving, ever
painting brief shadows on
the ground we
walk on. But does
it mean
that nothing is real? Objective? Or that being
human is only an abstract experience in relativism?
Just so
everyone is crystal on this
so called poem so called
unless I’m called out on this. I don’t
see things that way. Not at all.


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One Response to Free lunch, anyone?

  1. Totally agree, there’s nothing free in the world today.

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