Bigfoot a la Band

with sincere and profuse apologies to the Band

Verse 1
Sliding down Bald Mountain, you know where I want to go?
Where Willow Creek pours into the Trinity River, yo!
Near the China Flat Museum by the carving of the Sasquatch
or Yeti or Almasty, it’s wild man, to sit and watch.

Up on Willow Creek you sent me
If bigfoot I seek am I crazy?
I won’t have to shriek, they ain’t nasty
A bigfoot dream will still find me.

Verse 2
We could go down there and meet the ghost of Jerry Crew
and make more foot prints, that seems like the thing I’d like to do
There ain’t nothing much better in this whole wide world than Bigfoot Days
I’ll build me a shack ‘n wait for Shaggy to come ‘n play



About tgrignon

I came I saw I rented the DVD
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