The Ballad of Cindy and Belle

Beautiful Princess Belle of the poor dowry
binged all the long night before waking bleary
not refined, not courtly, no Madame Curie
she shrugged on sweats and hiked to a high eyrie

View checked she kept on (more for her diary)
and chanced on a cave with rocks all cindery
within sat Cindy tied. ‘It’s just perjury.’
Belle freed her, they caught up. ‘Belle, that’s vagary!’

Consoling each to each they walked subordinary
but then the verse
was knocked
of the universe,
the meter
out of the
kilometers as they continued on.

‘I like you Cin
though you’re likely not so good for me!’
‘How can you say that?
We just met!’
Belle laughed throatily, a polite ‘Ahem’,
and hiked her thumb back
and Cin saw, mouth slack,
the ogre leaping down the crags at ’em.

Moments later
after a slight push
separated the two BFF’s enough
on the cliff side
for Orson the Ogre
to rush headlong upon the yawning abyss
with sufficient and enough velocity
to ensure a mess of dis-corporeity.

And so they
wreaking havoc
where it could be used
and harmony where discord ensued.


Until the
plot required rift came.

His name:
Prince Charlton Hadley Arming.

Who had no compunction
needed with his devastating smile
so like…
well it was so very like what you might imagine that it could be simile
that was all it took
to destroy
that beautiful friendship
and life and this ballad
once again
descended terrible
into the normal.

And every


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