Olly olly oxen free

Weather reasonable
I began to walk
to my night meeting.

It would be an hour’s walk
but what of that?
It would be good
for me.

It began to spit.

I was prepared for that
and strode on at a quicker pace.

Then rain began
and I lifted my collar
against the water and lightning.

Then came buckets.
My shoes
low suede but grey
began to soak through.
Then through again.

Cat and Dogs were followed
by sheep, cows and several oxen
coming down
as I climbed a large hill.
Streams flowed down the
side walk slabs
with grit, sand and other matter
and my shoes formed V’s
in the surface water
with each soggy step.

With the oxen let loose the stream
abandoned all civility
and went right over my toes
making no difference where
I stepped.

The rain settled down and I arrived
only slightly late
but enough that as I squelched
down the echoing school corridors
among fully uniformed
police officers
I was,
I’m sure,

I sat at the back
the rest of the
cold cold
I couldn’t do anything
but remain feeling it.


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