An Injury Earned

The stakes, the highest they will come,
were bragging rights on Feb 15,
We got on our mark and set in the dome
for the race of races between

Paul D and I, Family Day.
Our course, inflated and empty,
full of obstacles by survey
to scramble like Humpty Dumpty.

But we knew the risk was e’er worth
that prize in our eyes was golden
the greatest availing on Earth
so 1, 2, and Go! We dived in!

A fearsome crack came from my toe
not even past the first steep slope
but sweating cold I kept on, lo
through the shrill pain, I had to cope.

I could hear Paul a huffing o’er
the vinyl wall and that echoed
me, toe hurt worse than a hango’er,
but reached the big hill and bellowed

triumph as Paul, stuck and cursing,
was behind. I climbed quick and sat
on the great slide gravitating
to the bouncy end. I did scat.

So I won the great race aglow
with my Bouncy Castle title
all mine, despite my broken toe
and kids claimed their castle, rightful.


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