Silent Night

It is so adult
so mature
to be responsible

well isn’t it?

We grow out of
childish ways
to face the world
and become more

more than we expected and hoped

we learn to afford
what was unattainable
learn to gain affection
from who we admire
are educated to understand
what was bewildering

that’s the ideal

But if we make mistakes along
the way?

Are we
be we man or woman
responsible for those?

Even if they have nine month price tags?

Even if they’ll ruin our lives?

No. That’s not a scandal any more.
We’ve grown out of sin.
We’re not responsible.
That was just a burdensome mistake.
That couldn’t possibly add to my life until I’m
damned good and ready.

As long as we’re tolerant, PC and/or nice
we’re adult now.
Upstanding Individuals.

No need for propping up
or external morals
because they don’t become me.
It’s what I am
that’s important.

Our hollow eyes
painted over with makeup or tans
and great hair
we stand forth
stamp our feet
anyone to face
and say
that I’ve done wrong


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