Sally the Spacial Savant

The woman
has haunted eyes
from what I can see
sifts through the snowy scene
blindingly quick.
And Sally is so easily
disturbed by the howling wind.
The snowmobiler.
The call of a bird.

So flighty.

She sees it all.
An instant of time collapsed into a dimension in her
brain so primed for spatial recall.

She makes it all
in clay
whatever else fits at her hand
over the next month and a half.

Every hill,
and scape
in the snowy day
replicated exactly.
Bewildering the
mundane materials
to linger that past day unrealistically.

We have pictures
and so we can prove it.

That time with
was a close encounter
with beyond humankind

The generalists,
that is most of us,
populate the world and
stare amazed and dumbfounded
even if it is Sally that is dumb,
the idiot savant,
the autistic if we be PC.
Not we who know better
and have brains
more capable
more flexible
to condense the flow of life
to manageable levels and
stay at the waterline of every days.

We who see just the right amount
to appear normal
and look at Sally’s winter landscape
so quickly
so patronizing
like those who know what is right to see.

But do we see?
What are the heights we are missing?
The depths?

Thank God we have Sally to show us
how blinded we are.



Wikipedia Article

The savant syndrome: an extraordinary condition. A synopsis: past, present, future

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