Blue Clothed Lady

The concert
ran from
dramatic to humour
national to crossing boundaries
and we enjoyed
the piano, choir and soloists all.
following each particular excellence
sometimes during
the blue clothed lady would stand in the front row
as elegant as a queen,
and sit.
Sometimes she’d
go purposely
in front of centre stage
and the soloist.

It was surprising, distracting,
unusual, funny
and then annoyingly individual
for me
much more so for the

It continued on,
the bobbing. Through intermission, through the second half.

But I wonder now
when the applause has died
and the venue is quiet
she and not I
with my small addition
to the group-clap
did more
to express


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2 Responses to Blue Clothed Lady

  1. I am enjoying reading your art my first time here on your blog! Light and Love, Shona

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