Big Umberto thumped up Crucked Path
between the ukbo grass and sunswath.
He cut a tall but rotund figure
but he’d never cared to configure
clothes for umbrage or ultimatum
though his Mum insisted him handsome.

He nearly bumbled into a man
thin and red-haired in front just a span.
From clenched teeth the man said ‘Ufloognu
ahead. Movement unadvised.’ Too true
was he. Big mumbled back. ‘I’m unarmed.’
So they stood unmoving but unharmed.

Recalling that uptight, unashamed
Ufloognus don’t like being upstaged
Umbie sidestepped the unknown guy and
bowed, waved unabashedly his hand
‘O great Ufloognu I am honoured
to be here. Your beauty’s unsurpassed.’

The beast’s arms rose and ululated
ultra-high, spines ejaculated.
‘Now, friend, while it’s unweaponed we run.’
And they did, around the untoothed one.
Saved they became best buds forever
and that’s an unending to savour.


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