Cold özel rakı
served with spiced lamb souvlaki
is just so Turkey

Of course some would say that doesn’t rock (if you haven’t had enough Raki) so I’ve rolled up another ‘R’. This great ode to Canadian maritime folklore can be sung to the tune “Farewell to Nova Scotia”. Maybe some would prefer that. You are welcome to add your own verses below though–um–I guess the story really ends there doesn’t it? Sorry.

Randall of Nova Scotia, Lord of the Onion Rings
may your belly fully extended be
when you are in our view it is hard to see a thing
unless you’re cowed by the great Mr. Jim Lahey

James Lahey, a good officer of the law
strove to keep Dartmouth from wrongs and crime
but a trio’s silly prank one Halloween past saw
this paragon descend to Sunnyvale for all time

Richard and Julian were in the stir,
Bubbles in his tool shed was forlorn
but when Lucy rapped twice the cats did purr
and he opened up the door with a cat newborn.

Lucy tells Bubbles that his long lost twin
is waiting for him at her trailer/salon.
But when Bubbles meets his double Bobby-Finn
Sunnyvale collapses into a black hole. All gone


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