Katastrophic red kangaroo
on a desperate mission
pauses to katch its breath
lingers by a dried up billabong
among the skrub
bloodwood and whichetty.
Off again
leaping at speed
veering left
jumping right
dust and red sand
arking up
like on a thrilling movie lokation.
It burst ahead
with target akquired and
soon reaches a rounded kanyon.
Finally it stops in a dusty kloud
and urinates
a long and koncentrated stream
against the sandstone
in its favorite spot.
Its lokale.
It breathes deep
kollects itself and launches
back out into the sandy
and back toward where it
kame from.
Not karing for any UNESKO
or tourist kash
or ekology.
One day
one great and kalamitous day
Uluru will break
and its path will be klear.


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