Beautiful sunlight soaking into
the winterized house for days
has thawed me out enough to
find the sneakers, step out in a daze

unrebooted, unparka-ed on the ste-eep
of a stoop blinking at bright rays
and finally, tears wicked by sleeves, I creep
down to the yard among dried leaves,

crusty brittle snow piles, snowdrops too,
freshness in de scent. A buzzing
comes excited and achy eyes look through
grayscale to find a chubby yellow guy flying

back and forth, a little unsteadily hee hee
barely making light of weight
to careen here and there busily
looking for? What he last ate?

I could say he’s bumbling but can I?
When dehibernating is my lot too.
He’s just humming and so bee-ing.
I’m so human and just being.


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