Beadboard in a Cemetery

So how is it that you find yourself walking through a cemetery on a dark night with two 4 by 4 panels of beadboard?

It started up innocently enough actually. My wife and I went to Home Depot to pick up some home improvement (that’s a very hopeful word when you’re not the best wood worker) supplies last night. So we take our paint, brushes and a 8 by 4 foot beadboard and there we stand a little confused as we look at our new Chevy Cruze in the parking lot and then back at the beadboard. Hmmmmm.

So we head back in and have the helpful guy with the orange apron cut the panel in two — we need two panels anyway. When we get our noisy trolley back to the car we still can’t fit them in. After sending my wife to the next stop in hommage to our money pit I returned to the store for the third time. I purchased some work gloves, as it was a cold night, and then embarked on my way home.

It was only a few kilometres to get home anyway. In fact, a leg of the trans-Canada trail happens to pass right by the Home Depot in Guelph starting beside a railway line. I’ve biked this path many times. And only a few metres from the road the trail dekes into the Woodlawn Cemetery along one of the narrow roads through it that parallels the railroad.

So there you go. That probably explains a lot actually. I could say I didn’t know about the van a friend of mine told me I could rent there to bring stuff home. Or I could probably have had it delivered. Or called a friend. But not me. I chose a different path, through a dark cemetery on a cloudy night.


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