Strawbs to Monks

I’ve been a big Strawbs fan since my teens. Those were the days of LPs and over a decade I collected nearly all their albums. I especially liked Nomadness, Hero and Heroine, Ghosts and From the Witchwood.
But it was only recently that I discovered their link to a totally different group I was fond of. Three members of Strawbs made up 3/4’s of the mock Punk band The Monks. When I was 17 and 18 their music was what I often listened to when I wanted to ‘head bang’. I only had their ‘big’ album (Bad Habits) on which you could find:

  • Nice Legs Shame About Her Face
  • Johnny B. Rotten
  • Drugs In My Pocket

It’s strange the connections you experienced but didn’t know about until much later.


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