Important milestones sometimes come without fanfare and you only realize that they have been accomplished after the fact, when a quiet moment finally presents you with time to reflect. Last night was just such a time in my life. There I was enjoying myself and then for the third time my son, Jonathan, plaintively requests the following:

“Dad can you please stop and save. I really have to get to bed!”

I looked at my watch and it was 1:30 in the AM. But man, this was the new Halo Reach I was playing and I was getting through the campaign solo on the XBox. It’s in his room since my daughter moved out for University and the boys, for the first time since they were infants, can have their own rooms now.
But there it was. Did you catch the milestone? Do you see?
My SON told ME to stop playing video games. The biggest Video Gamer in our family who has been told to go to bed countless times by me — has turned the tables on me.
My oldest boy is growing up.


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One Response to Milestones

  1. Karen Grignon says:

    Yes he is, Terry, but he too will probably hit that invisible child/man borderland and hover eternally between the two…

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