The End of Ann Street

What is the identity of a Street?
Ann Street (2 n’s and no e) was apparently named after Princess Ann daughter of Queen Elizabeth (which is weird since Queen Elizabeth I didn’t have children and Queen Elizabeth II‘s daughter was Anne with an e) in 1956. Its original name was Victoria Street (named after Queen Victoria) which it had from 1906. The reason for the renaming was likely that there was a Victoria Road that became more important as Guelph grew. It was named in 1911 and is much longer then our wee Ann Street. Perhaps Victoria, as a name, was thought ill used for such a short street. We can only have one Victoria and just a lane way won’t do.
Well. It’s the motion in the ocean baby… and not the size that matters.
But that’s alright. Ann works for me. In fact, if I take my postal code N1H 1L8 and use my wife’s creativity I can put them both together with devastating effect. Ann + N1H 1L8 = AnnNihileight = annihilate. Way cooler than with Victoria.
Also Small is Beautiful as E. F. Schumacher wrote. Ann Street is far nicer then Victoria Road is. More a shady refuge than a 4-lane through way dissecting the city.
So Yes, I prefer Ann. She doesn’t go to anywhere else. She’s what is called a dead end. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing: dead is one part of life after all.
If you’re in a car and you come to the end of Ann then it means turn around, you’ve gone too far. How many times have you wished someone had told you that?  Many times for me.
But if you’re on foot or on a bike you know different for Ann Street is known as one of those streets that ‘goes to the river’. Well it doesn’t actually go all the way to the Speed River. You have to go past a little hillock and down a path, over the railway tracks, down a wooded hill riddled with paths before you get to the river. But Ann Street can’t shake that impression of River access because people know it’s there. You can also follow the tracks northwest to Riverside Park or southeast to downtown.  The little path makes Ann Street accessible in ways that exclude a car:  that’s kind of nice.
The City of Guelph has decided to link up the separate parts of the spur of the Cross Canada trail that runs through the city. It’ll go beside the railway tracks for some strange reason that no-one seems to be able to explain. The proposed path would be much more usable and fun if it was down by the river side.  Down by the river side.  Down by the river side. But because of this proposal for a boring trail by the tracks, the people that run the railway want 1.5 metre fences protecting their rails. It’s all about liability, of course: “look out people, you’re too stupid to know how to deal with railway tracks, especially with trains that go by (at most) twice a day at blistering speeds that a drunk sloth could avoid”.
So this is going to be the new end of Ann Street. It will end in two fences. It’s that street that ends at the fence/railway/fence. It’s just another victim of our over-protective, antiseptic and walled off society.
Some people like gated communities.  I don’t.


2 thoughts on “The End of Ann Street”

  1. Poetry and liability do not mix. Common sense has never been less so.

    We’ll all be walking around in bubbles some day but until that time “Don’t Fence Us In”

    Hope to see the city representative tonight, however my gut tells me that he’ll find some excuse not to show. Interesting that he postponned until AFTER the work has started on the trail….

  2. Poetry and liability.

    Poe try and lie ably Mr. T.
    Edgar Allen Poe try and lie about your ability.
    Poet try and lie about ill and tea.

    Yep. You’re right, they don’t mix.

    Something stinks at the end of Ann Street. City planners must be here.

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