Recycle of Abuse

Weak to their desires
those recyclers of abuse
are few
but mastered by
a communicable disease.

No discipline,
no understanding or caring for consequences.

Worming their way into
being responsible
for our innocents.

a teacher
scout leader

Patiently lurking through the system
and cleverly doing the right thing
until the hunger

Never undone
the devastating act becomes

The polluted outcast themselves.
The embarrassed silenced are replicated quietly
over days, years, decades
and repression does what it can
but it may happen that
a trickle
of truth
makes its way out.

Destroying the dam.

Flashed in the light
of the paparazzi press
Latching onto anything quick.

grill the school board
undermine the association
sue the Pope

Anything other than
patiently dealing with
those point sources in
the cycle of abuse.



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