Best thing about Monsters vs Aliens

I waited for the DVD to see this one and I enjoyed it ginormically. But my favourite part was hearing the B-52’s Planet Claire during the credits. I loved that album when, yes, such things as albums were being out, girls and boys! I was reciting all the lyrics before they came on to the incredible frustration of my kids. In fact Karen and Emily threatened death when I started snapping my fingers (apparently not to the beat… but if they could just hear that off-beat in my head!) and Justin went directly to special features as soon as he could find the remote. I will watch this DreamWorks gem again although I may have to wait till I’m alone to turn up the credits!


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One Response to Best thing about Monsters vs Aliens

  1. Karen says:

    Terry, you know how Elaine danced on Seinfeld??? Well… you snap like she dances… have’n the time of your life while the rest of us watch & listen in mixed agony/wonder… I’m sorry to have even mentioned it… as I think you should be able to enjoy such simple expressions of joy/musicality, without criticism… But it’s just soooooooooooooooo jarring to those of us with hyper sensitive interior metronomes!!! It’s like when Joe Schafer used to clap deliberately on the off beat against a roomful of on beaters during sing-a-longs, only worse, because you just miss the beat by milliseconds! I suppose it’s as irritating as when I slurp hot drinks… soup… 😦 Love you, truly, just not the snapping!!! :O

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