World-wide shortage of Paintball Pellets finally hits North America

The sound of paintballs splatting on camo outfits may be silenced across North America for several months. The ammunition of Paintball gamers is now so rare the pellets are worth, pound for pound, more than gold. The pellets, which many Commercial and Private Paintball Parks across North American had stockpiled in anticipation of the shortage, are finally drying up says National Paintball Fighters Association spokesman Ethan E. Ggonphaess. Many members of the NPFA are calling for the end of the monopoly of Karnage Inc on the manufacture and distribution of the dime-sized gelatin paint balls. Ggonphaess reported, “Most of our members and the general public don’t realize that Karnage is the only accredited producer of paintballs.” The Springfield, MO, based company packages paintballs under many different labels such as RAP4, AG1 and their own name to conceal this. “This situation is intolerable and has to change.”
“We have been warning our members and member organizations to buy as many paintballs as they can for the past five months and the supply is virtually gone.” Karnage is currently being reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency. It seems that the polyethylene glycol used to hold the water-soluble dye in liquid form isn’t as environmentally safe as has been claimed. An alternative is being sought but this may not be successful before the shortage causes paintball parks everywhere to go silent.
“Unfortunately most Paintball establishments aren’t licensed to use live ammunition so little relief is seen for the future.”


1 thought on “World-wide shortage of Paintball Pellets finally hits North America”

  1. Oh, no, Terry!!! What are we going to tell Justin? That he can’t have a paintball party because of this? 😦

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