Stone of Destiny

In 1296 Edward Longshanks (Edward the 1st) took many things from Scotland including the Stone of Scone sometimes called the Stone of Destiny. It had resided in the since ruined Monastery of Scone but was brought to Westminster Abbey as a spoil of war. The Kings of Scotland would traditionally sit on this stone as part of their ordination but after its removal it was used for the coronation of British monarchs. In 1950, on Christmas Day, four Scottish nationalist students (Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and Alan Stuart) stole the stone from the Abbey as a symbol to revive Scottish pride.  The theft had Scottish patriots celebrating in the streets but it wasn’t long before the stone was sent back to Westminster.  In 1996 it was finally repatriated to Scottish soil with the proviso that it return to England when needed for coronations.
In 2008 Charles Martin Smith, the American actor and Director, wrote the screenplay and directed the movie in collaboration with Ian Hamilton. From what I’ve read, the story is not entirely accurate but it is, I think, done well and with a good sense of the original adventure, excitement and comedy.
The actors Charlie Cox (Ian Hamilton), Kate Mara (Kay Matheson), Ciaron Kelly (Alan Stuart), Stephen McCole (Gavin Vernon), Billy Boyd (Bill Craig) and Robert Carlyle (John MacCormick) all played their roles superbly and convincingly.
This is definitely a movie you should see especially if you like a wee bit of history with your moving pictures.


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