The Cheerful Bicyclist

The cheerful cyclist
veers for dogs and their owners.
Says hello to the few
steadfast walkers in the ice packed snow
or those exercising patience for buses.

But no stopping on the way to work.
That would turn sweat to ice
so why delay unless those behemoths,
the fossil combustion carnivores,
are too dangerous.
Of course this is why you must be careful with the route.
It should be quick
but where necessary should avoid the worst of the traffic.

And the biker should be happy to
greet those on the way.
You are, through it all, solidly
the energy conservationist and
the relic who knows how to
spread enough time to think on.

So obligated
the cyclist must be largesse itself.
The ambassador of wise transport. A happy disseminater.

And if you should see a cheerful bicyclist?
You could Reciprocate actively.
Salute him or tip your hat to her.

After all.
That ability, that particular battle,
could be gone as quickly as a new year’s resolution.


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One Response to The Cheerful Bicyclist

  1. Karen says:

    Nice! Made me smile…

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