Season’s Wishes

I’m not a fan of those year end messages people send cataloguing a grocery list of everything they’ve done over the year but I still feel a definite need to sermonize so I wrote up the following:

Our wish is that you join with us in having a truly relaxed and blessed Christmas and New Year holiday.  We all know that a Christmas that is too much about the gifts is not enjoyable.  Nor healthy, wealthy or wise.  So from our family to yours we hope that your joy is all about what you do together and in what you discover about yourselves as opposed to a ledger sheet balancing the Christmas debts.
While it is better to give than to receive, it’s even better to enjoy one another.  Share a meal, laughter, games!  Perhaps sledding or skiing.  Watch any Christmas special (Alastair Sim’s Christmas Carol would be my choice).
Enjoy the season and each other!

All the best,

Terry and Family


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