What a powerful film on several levels! The theme is, of course, blindness… but the writers and director have a variety of ways of ‘seeing’ what that would mean.  To people who are suddenly become blind. To those who were blind before and find themselves surrounded by the suddenly blind. To the authorities.  To the one person who doesn’t go blind. The acting is top notch, with excellent performances by Danny Glover, Mark Ruffalo, Maury Chaykin and outstanding work by Julianne Moore. But this is not an easy film to watch and certainly not for young children. Beside the effects of nearly a whole world of humans going blind in the space of days (car crashes, airplanes crashing, panic, etc) it is interesting to think what would happen to society if this really happened. It’s hard to imagine a more definitive way of cutting us off from our technological props and begin counting the days until the food and water runs out.
I can’t recommend this one highly enough but I’d be careful who you watch it with. I would agree, with the review on IMDB, that you may want to watch it solo.
A little bonus I didn’t notice until I looked it up on IMDB: at least part of it was filled in Guelph. The next time I watch it I’m going to want to look for familiar landmarks!


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