The Art of Time on Abbey Road

The family and I attended the September 26 Art of Time Ensemble performance of Abbey Road at the Enwave Theatre at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. This was the 40th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ album and each song from it were tackled by different Arrangers and a very talented group of singers and musicians. You can see pictures from it here.

So why did I wait for over a month to report on Andrew Burashko’s homage to the Beatles that night? It was an awesome concert and it affected me incredibly: likely the best concert I’ve been to for years. But I lack the language to describe what happened musically and emotionally that night. It was amazing.

The singers were:

  • Steven Page
  • Sarah Slean
  • Andy Maize
  • Alejandra Ribera
  • Kevin Hearn
  • Raine Maida
  • John Southworth

The Arrangers were:

  • Shelly Berger
  • Gavin Bryars
  • Robert Carli
  • Kevin Fox
  • Jonathan Goldsmith
  • Jim McGrath
  • Roberto Occhipinti
  • Dan Parr
  • Cameron Wilson

The Musicians were:

  • Andrew Burashko / Piano
  • Benjamin Bowman / Violin
  • Greg Campbell / Viola
  • John Johnson / Sax
  • Amy Laing / Cello
  • Rachel Mercer / Cello
  • Joe Phillips / Bass
  • Doug Perry / Viola
  • Rob Piltch / Guitar
  • Rick Sacks / Percussion
  • Stephen Sitarski / Violin
  • Michael White / Trumpet

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