Josh Brolin stars as George W. Bush in this Oliver Stone film (written by Stanley Weiser) about the life and times of the 43rd President of the US.
I think it’s an honest and realistic portrayal of a very political man, his family and entourage. There is some brilliant acting here especially from Brolin, Jeffrey Wright
as Colin Powell, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, James Cromwell (one of my all time favourite actors) as George Bush Sr., and a truly outstanding performance by Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney.
One of the things that struck me was the interesting comparison between the two Iraq conflicts with both Bush’s and with Cheney and Powell at different stages in their lives. Fascinating to see the similarities and differences depicted. Another was the conversion between the aimless playboy to the born again, Texan man of pure politics. It’s also fascinating to see the American political system with its famous checks and balances being eroded slowly by political megalomaniacs peaking in George W. Bush (we can hope in pray). Those checks and balances were meant by the US Constitutional fathers to prevent tyranny. Nothing’s perfect.
Highly recommended viewing.


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