Worldcon 2009

I’m doing something cool next week. I had been toying with the idea of attending the Worldcon this year (that’s the 67th World Science Fiction Convention which is being held in Montreal Aug 6-10) and now I’m going.
Actually, I have been given a slot in a Writer’s workshop where two other aspirants with their work and me with my first 2 chapters of The Relater will be evaluated by “selling writers and industry professionals” for a small fee. I’m very much looking forward to that.
A lot of big names will be at the Worldcon including Neil Gaiman, √Člisabeth Vonarburg, Tom Doherty, David Hartwell, Julie Czerneda and, certainly not least, Robert J. Sawyer.
To add to the excitement I’m pretty serious about trying to cycle most of the way to get there. I plan to take a GO bus and train to Oshawa and then bike the ~600 k along the lakeshore to la belle province.
Karen and whichever of my spawn can make it may come to meet me there on the Friday for 4 days.


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