Tide of Humanity

The rain that summer
came in endless waves,
flooding down grass,
soaking furniture
and undermining whole swing sets
and we
hardly acknowledged it at all.

The mould under some chins drew comments
it’s true
but there was little to
  disrupt the life of our party.

And we laughed
and clinked our glasses
  of imported Douro Port
  heatedly discussing global warming
  and all those other current events.
  As if we knew
  what happened.

But we were all caught
  and this stump of
  pencil is giving out
  like the light from my last candle stub.

It won’t be long before scavengers
  find me.
But the food’s almost gone
  so there it will have been.

Another wave
  washes away the footprints
  and, then, nothing.



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