The future of computers

I listened to CBC radio today and heard an interview with Daniel H. Wilson who is the author of “Where’s My Jetpack?: A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future that Never Arrived“. The point that Wilson made was that some of the scientific breakthroughs we keep waiting for may have already been made. The jetpack, for example, was invented long ago but just isn’t of practical use today. On the other hand we’re surrounded by objects that few predicted but would have boggled our imaginations a handful of years before their invention like the microwave oven, the iPod or the netbook computer.
But what about the computer? What’s in its future?
Obviously the trend is for more powerful computing to be crammed into tinier and tinier packages. This will eventually mean, I think, that we will be attaching our computing devices to ourselves at some point. People already don’t want to be parted from their cell phone, iPod and other computational devices. Perhaps there will come a time when these are embedded in our forearms.
Provide networking and we suddenly remove the need for the cell phone. Add in voice activation (which Google is creating huge databases to support already) and the keyboard and mouse goes. Of course some researchers are working on using brain waves for input so we may be able to bypass voice altogether.


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