When a decimal isn’t in TSQL

I saw a posting in SimonS Blog on SQL Server Stuff that intrigued me concerning decimals and SQL Server. I wanted to leave a comment but I don’t like having to register to do so I’ll do it here.

Simon’s point is that you should beware about making assumptions as to how code will treat expressions. An expression like 10/4 is simple for us to interpret in our heads but a strongly typed language like T-SQL sometimes needs a little help when you ‘say’ integer but really mean ‘decimal’. Simon is a little unclear because he has a typo in the following statement: ‘In TSQL however you get 4’. I think he meant ‘2’.

But what he’s saying is important. I’ve fleshed out his concern in some code so we can easily see the problem:

declare @decnumb decimal(10,4);
set @decnumb = 10/4;
select 'set @decnumb = 10/4';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = cast ((10/4) as decimal);
select 'set @decnumb = cast ((10/4) as decimal)';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(cast (4 as decimal));
select 'set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(cast (4 as decimal))';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(4);
select 'set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(4)';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = (10)/(cast (4 as decimal));
select 'set @decnumb = (10)/(cast (4 as decimal))';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = 10/4.0;
select 'set @decnumb = 10/4.0';
select @decnumb;

set @decnumb = 10.0/4;
select 'set @decnumb = 10.0/4';
select @decnumb;

And here are the results:

set @decnumb = 10/4

set @decnumb = cast ((10/4) as decimal)

set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(cast (4 as decimal))

set @decnumb = (cast (10 as decimal))/(4)

set @decnumb = (10)/(cast (4 as decimal))

set @decnumb = 10/4.0

set @decnumb = 10.0/4


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